Pastoral Care at St Brigid’s aims to ensure that our community is a loving and secure environment. We value each child and his/her opportunity to develop – spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially. We believe that pastoral care, with consistent and effective discipline practices and procedures, will help to develop a sense of self-worth, accountability and responsibility in students. 

Wellbeing is the concept which underpins pastoral care and St Brigid's is focused on the wellbeing of the whole school community. We are conscious of the need to promote healthy wellbeing and we recognise the flow-on effects of mental wellbeing to academic achievement and whole of life satisfaction.

We are a Be You school and use this framework as a basis for student wellbeing. Within this framework, students are explicitly taught positive behaviours. Each class is also engaged in the You Can Do It program, which provides students with explicit strategies to help them achieve the keys for lifelong success. As students demonstrate an understanding of these strategies, they are recognised at morning assemblies with awards.

The school runs several other programs throughout the year targeted to the needs of individual students. These include Zones of Regulation, Cool and Friendly (anger management), Secret Agent Society (social skills) and Seasons for Growth (bereavement).

Mighty-Mates Program

When students enrol at St Brigid’s in Kindergarten, they are supported in their transition by Mighty Mates, who are allocated to them from the future Year 6 class. These Mighty Mates work throughout the last term of the pre-school year and throughout Term 1 to help the new Kinders learn the routines of the school and settle into the life of a “big schooler”.